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OliTB Pets Public Welfare in Action丨 Portraits of Female Pet Public Welfare Crowds

【Summary description】

OliTB Pets Public Welfare in Action丨 Portraits of Female Pet Public Welfare Crowds

【Summary description】


When OliTB  was founded, it made a promise: we will do our best to do our part for pet public welfare.

OliTB Public Welfare in Action”  plans to set up a project ,which will contact and support those caring ladies who have been devoted themselves into the pets public welfare and rescue activities. OliTB  will spread their Love and kindness and make them known to more people.

Aunt ChunanFu in Nanjing(南京传福阿姨)

——“I can't see them being abandoned, stray and sick”

Aunt Chunfu, who currently lives in Najing, China. After retiring from the company, she started to engage in the pets rescue activities(Cats and Dogs). Although Aunt Chuanfu does not get the understand from her families, she believes this is her responsibility  and Buddhism Practice. Now, there are more than 20 dogs and 13 cats in Aunt Chuanfu’s house. At the same time, qualified adopters are also being collected.

OliTB  Records

Aunt Zhang in Shanghai “Claw Garden”(上海爪园张阿姨)

—— "I'm just a little tired, but they were rescued"

Auntie Zhang is currently the person in charge of the largest cat rescue shelter in Shanghai, "Claw Garden.

“Claw Garden”  has two levels. At present, there are 3 living rooms  for those rescued cats, and there are a large number of rescue cats living in them.”Claw Garden” is full of relief materials from donors, as well as various cat dens sewed by Aunt Zhang.  Although the space is a bit cramped and looks crowded, the cat room is clean and free of any peculiar smell.

“Claw Garden”  is a cat transfer station with regularly 60 cats,but the number could be as highest as to more than 100. Among them, there are many unowned cats to be adopted, some kittens thrown directly at the door of the rescue shelter, and more are injured cats rescued  by Aunt Zhang.

 Miss Lilian Lilian(救助小姐姐)

——“Just calculate, I do not have any saving after working for more than 10 years ”

"She is amazing. She has been doing this for more than ten years. Please help her," said A, who recommended Miss Lilian to OliTB.

Miss Lilian are now mainly doing personal independent group feeding and TNR, and looking for opportunity for cats adoption.

"The group care is to feed stray cats, about a dozen to twenty, TNR refers to capture, sterilize and release"

Compared with those public shelter, our personal rescuer is only feeding 10- 20. A little help is enough for a long time. Thank you very much."

Miss Lilian has insisted on cats rescue for more than ten years, and has always paid for it at her own expense. Miss Sister smiled and said, “Just calculate, I do not have any saving after working for more than 10 years ”

 Miss Xixi (西西小姐姐)

——"Beginning in 2018, I think this is a disease, it is getting more and more serious, and I feel that it can't be cured.

Miss Xixi and Miss Julia were recommended to us through Lilian.

Miss Xixi works in Shanghai. She has been doing pets rescue since 2018 years, and it has been 4 years. At present, she regularly feed more than a dozen fixed cats feeding places, and there are also more than 10 cats at her home, and then a lot of stray cats around are fed.

"I think this is a disease, it's like a cake that spreads bigger and bigger."

After communication, Miss Sister is always worried that the kittens cannot get enough nutrition. She  try to choose some good food, and also regularly buy chicken breast, canned, and freeze-dried to feed the Stray kittens. Of course, because of the large number, several bowls of food are fed every time, and the number of cats rescued is also increasing, and the burden on this lady is getting heavier and heavier.

 Miss Julia  (Julia 小姐姐)

——“I rent a county house as the shelter, there are about 50 cats and a dozen dogs”

Miss Julia is also in Shanghai. She started to rescue from a cat  from 2004 to present.

“I opened an adoption shelter in 2008 and closed it in 2012. When I opened it , I owned 11 cats. When I left, I took nearly 70 cats and eight dogs, all of which were abandoned or left by others. "I feel very upset, and I can't run the shelter very well"

At present, Miss Julia rents a small house in the countryside and houses more than 50 cats and a dozen dogs in it. I always participate in all adoption days, and try my best to find suitable adoptions for the little ones.

Kind-hearted people are all the same. The enthusiasm in their souls shines in their smiles, giving those little ones the warmth of the world.

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