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About OliTB

OliTBTM, born in Canada, is dedicated to providing pet products and service, including pet foods, pet supplies, pet related education, and pet health care.

“OliTB” originates from the names of our founder’s two lovely cats – Oli and TB, where Oli comes from Greek “elaia” symbolizing love and peace and TB means sweet pampering. Together, we have our motto - Show our love first, and we will be loved.

Believing in “Show our love first, and we will be loved”, our mission is to bring advanced pet-raising concepts from North America and to build a brand-new interactive environment for both pets and pet-lovers through our high-quality products and service. 

"Show our love first, and we will be loved"

This is our vision of today’s pet-raising culture and concept. We believe that pets are friends
and, more importantly, our family. Lots of us have been cured by them because of those heart-warming and joyful moments.

Love is mutual. As pet-lovers, we should first give our pets the best care as possible.

About Our Team

We are a group of young people from North America and China. With multiple nationalities and cultures, we are all pet-lovers like you. We all enjoy happiness and inspirations from our pets during their accompanying and therefore dedicate ourselves to OliTB. Every little creation and improvement we made for our pets means enriched happiness in our heart.  

Our Commitment

We will continue to and always be part of pet rescue activities and programs. Meanwhile, we will work our best to improve pet-related education in pet owners and pet-related practitioners.

OliTB is committed to work with more individuals, institutions, and enterprises to build a brand-new pet-loving era. 

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